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Infihex — Web and Software Development Company


Our Services

We are absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated user experiences that we, and our clients, are very proud of.


We develop websites, windows applications and scripts. We can develop custom websites for you, we have already gotten a couple of websites running our newly developed software. And there are more coming, follow us on our social media to get the news.

We know quite a few coding languages; HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, VB .NET, C#, VB Script, Python and more. We'll probably find a solution for your needs. Do not hesitat to ask us if we can make something, we probably can. If you need some help or want to ask a few questions contact us.

Our servers runs the latest stable and secure versions of the web software needed to run a website. We provide a 99.9% uptime around network, power and virtual server availability. If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you based on the amount of time that service was unavailable. It’s that simple.

Our goal is to provide the best webhosting at the cheapest price. And we think that we have done so already, if you don't believe us you should check out our pricing plans.

We provide our customers with the latest and best hardware on the market. All servers come with 1Gb/s network interface. With our hard drives setup in RAID you won't loose any data if one of the disks dies.

We provide a 99.9% uptime around network, power and virtual server availability. If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you based on the amount of time that service was unavailable. It’s that simple.

Our VPS servers are fully customizable and you can choose what you want to fit your needs. Try customizing a VPS now.


  • "Daniel, you're one of the friendliest developer I've ever met. Usually they're all stubborn and boring. Thank you for your great development and support!"

    Ross Hardy

  • "Great services, great prices and awesome support! I will use Infihex for several years into the future."

    Jake Johnson

Our Company

Daniel Billing

CEO & Senior Systems Developer

Andreas Klingenberg

Systems Engineer

Vebjørn Hallås

Systems Developer

Little of our history:

Q1 2012: The company was founded under the name Retarded Tech and small projects and apps was created. It all actually started back in 2009 when Daniel had a idea for a software. After that most of the applications got some good tracktion. And it became something Daniel never thought it would become.

Q2 2013: We started working on small PHP projects as well as some websites.

Q4 2013: We started hosting websites on our own servers.

Q2 2014: We needed to get more servers. We needed redundance on our servers. We grew from four servers to 18 and we do have possibility for even more servers.

Q3 2014: We started working on more PHP related projects.

Q4 2014: We started planning a new user software we could start selling, let's call it LANMS, and has been in development since.

Q2 2015: The project is still under construction and soon ready for public.

Q3 2015: We are planning on changing to a new name as well as heading over more and more away from normal webhosting.

Q4 2015: We changed the company name and LANMS is rewritten and under going major reconstruction.

Q1 2016: We tested LANMS infront of a live audience and event, it worked great! Now we need to do some finishing touches.

Q4 2016: LANMS is still being developed and we are working on improving it as much as we can.

Q3 2017: LANMS starts getting a refresh towards third party plugins. It will improve the usability for the endusers.

Q2 2018: We start working on old projects, that needs a refresh of it's old code.

Reach us anytime

We will help you with anything that relates to the world wide web, your computer or if there is something we have made. We can also help if there is something we have no relation too at all. So do not hesitate to send us a support ticket, we will answer it!

Quality work

All our work will be thoroughly tested and checked before it reaches you, the customer, to make sure it is fully functional. If you find a problem in our code we will fix it at no cost, if it is not a majorly big problem.

Forseable costs

We will work with you until we can agree on a price we are both happy with. Whether your budget is large or small!


Everything we make is adjustable, so if you need a design change or an improvment in the product, we will fix it.

We go the extra mile

We want all our customers to have a pleasant experience with us, so we go the extra mile to make you happy. :)

Say !

Get in touch via the email, client area or call us directly. We will get back to you as soon as possible, if you send an email.

+47 33 99 70 10


Markveien 26D
3060, Svelvik

Other locations

We actually do not have a set permanent office. We like to work where ever we feel like. So we can work at home, at a hut in the moutains or on the beach in another country. But if you'd like to meet us we could arrange that. Oslo and Svelvik is our main working areas in Norway.


Markveien 26D
3060, Svelvik

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